Given the location of the hostel, talking about nature and accessible mountain is not easy. However,  if we have achieved our purpose of setting up the hostel, we will also succeed in making that all people who wish to enjoy nature and the mountain in the way we propose, can do it do whatever their limitations are.

For people who want to get closer to El Cobijo del Valle but cannot access it walking due to a disability, age or because they are not prepared,  we will do all we can to help them access it.

The hostel has a room with bunk beds from which two beds at the bottom can be moved for easy access and it also has an adapted bathroom, trapeze and transfer table.

There is a ramp to go from one room to another, and the dining room is accessed by a portable ramp. The space has been designed to allow  good mobility.

We still need  to carry out the project that we have in mind for the outside: a wooden walkway and a platform for observing wildlife that allows everyone to access the outside without problems, and to have available a joelette in the hostel so that families or groups of friends who to want get familiar with being in the mountains can do it.

At the moment the hostel is prepared inside to welcome mountaineers and their companions who have this mountain chair and want to access El Cobijo either with joelette or by car and then make routes from the hostel.

We must not forget that El Cobijo del Valle is a mountain hostel, it is small, familiar, and we dedicate our time to our visitors.